About Us


Health and Science Innovations seeks to promote research and development of new technologies among health, science and engineering students, educators, and professionals as well as facilitating networking opportunities between students and professionals. This allows us to provide the guidance and resources needed to develop successful products and services. Health and Science Innovations values the importance of technological advancement as an essential factor for the continuous development and enhancement of humankind.


Our vision is to develop educational tools in the form of research training through summer camps, social networking to pair up students and mentors, online tutorials, workshops and conferences to inspire young students to create and develop patentable technologies.


In order to continue technological innovation and advancement within the United States, it is necessary to invest in the new generations by providing incentives to create, explore and innovate. With this in mind, Health and Science Innovations aims for the following:

  1. Provide opportunities for students interested in science, engineering and technology to conduct research and explore ways to enhance their creativity in a motivating, hands-on environment in areas vital to the professional development of Indiana citizens.

  2. Conduct health related research to discover advanced treatments and innovative technologies to benefit the community at large with emphasis on ailments prevalent in the Latino community.

  3. Promote and develop the use of new technologies and innovative approaches in the delivery of health education and mental and health services to underserved individuals in the community.

Our Model

modelThis figure represents the basic model of our project vision and how it translates into tangible outcomes. This model outlines the innovation process using an online resource such as the research social network. In order to start and feed our pool of collaborators, from students to professionals and individuals particularly interested in health solutions and technology advancement, from volunteers to funding entities; it is necessary to create recruiting activities that serve as research incubators and as generators of ideas. Our programs are activities that serve as incubators for new teams working on innovative ideas and research. The Young Innovators Quest is a program designed to engage high school students in a series of activities related to innovation, health and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Mentors and students have the opportunity to share time and knowledge through the completion of hands on activities and projects that include robotics challenges, DNA analysis, computer programming and more.

This program is developed through the vision of Dr. Alfredo Lopez-Yunez, director of Alivio Medical Center and President of the Board of Directors of Health and Science Innovations, and complemented by the experience and work of the other board members.