Health & Science Innovations is a vital partner, and has been highly effective in mobilizing out-of-school time programs and partners to significantly expand STEM learning opportunities for youth statewide.
I-STEM Resource Network


The Young Innovators Quest program obtained one of the highest scores in Indiana for a STEM program, when using Dimension of Success (D0S) tool from Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency (PEAR) at Harvard University & McLean Hospital.
Indiana Afterschool Network


Through our support of the Health & Science Innovations summer program, Young Innovators Quest (YiQ), IUPUI has been able to inspire high school students to explore STEM professions and to provide youth who lack access to professional and educational opportunities with the resources and mentors they need to gain experience and exposure to the field of science.
IUPUI Office of Community Engagement


Some of these students are now enrolled at IUPUI and have joined research labs. Our faculty takes great pride in involving students in their cutting edge research and programs like the Young Innovators Quest greatly benefit and prepare young students to take advantage of these unique opportunities.
IUPUI School of Science


Our experience this past summer with the YiQ program leads us to believe that there is a strong candidate pool to be developed into the next generation of science and engineering talent for Indiana.
NICO Corporation


At Park Tudor our science program is offering new courses and opportunities that provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities so they can make substantial contributions to the innovative workplaces and communities of the future. We have been helped in these efforts by the experience, vision, and contacts that Health & Science Innovations has provided us. At the YiQ summer program, our students were immersed in a culture of innovation.
Park Tudor High School