Renewable Resources in Latin America

Mentors Needed in Areas of Engineering,
Non-profit organizations Statistics prove that Latin America has GREAT possibility for renewable energy, 100% of the energy needed could be produced in a environment-friendly way. Renewable systems can also solve many of the problems they face. Clean water, energy, and education are 3 major examples. Incorporating prior technologies and techniques will allow simple solutions to be made. This specific process will allow people to educate themselves in a variety of different STEM related ways. Energy is the main concern. Many variables affect the output of the generators. We can expect 1000 watts (max) based on a conventional 110volt house. The Harris hydroelectric system can be used to power small appliances, computers, and power tools. With a little bit of energy many possibilities are opened.
Type: Enviromental
Project Members: Eliu Rodriguez
Date: Summer 2013