Rohit [YiQ-2015 alumnus] is very focused and produced great results during his internship at Lilly. I was impressed with his computer science skills and analytical thinking. He proved to be a quick learner of biological pathways and metabolic hormones, as well. The combination of his strong work ethic, software development skills and his biological knowledge enabled him to complete a challenging project on time.
Gabor Varga, Sr. Research Scientist at Eli Lilly – About Rohit’s internship at Eli Lilly, summer 2016.


It was simply a wonderful once in a lifetime experience for me. This experience has enabled me to reach my potential, beyond what I thought I was able to achieve. After participating in YiQ for a full year I was able to leverage that experience to get enough scholarships to pay for my first year of college. I can’t thank you enough.
Keltsey Watkins – Greenfield Central High School Senior Student, 2014-2015


Words can’t even describe how amazing this program is for our youth.  Where else can they get hands-on experience creating projects that could actually impact our lives, while getting to pick the brains of those already in the field!!?? How many young people actually get to take a look into careers before college when they’ve already wasted a semester or more on classes they don’t enjoy in a field they no longer wish to pursue? YOU are changing the world and those in it in a most positive way forever!!!
Cindy Kupiainen – Parent, 2014


Thank you for giving our daughter the opportunity to be a part of the  Young Innovators Quest Camp. She thoroughly enjoyed the camp and everyone there. Such and eye opener to all there is out there career wise and what creative ways to get their young minds thinking outside the box.
Chris and Jenny Butcher – Parent, 2012


 To me, Young Innovators Quest was by far the best medical experience I have ever had. I have never really been asked what I thought of a concept, but mostly just been taught the concept without having any input. It was definitely the best two weeks of my summer that I spent in Indiana. Ever. I have never been around so many people that share the same interests as me and that actually understand my complex jokes! I strongly suggest anyone who is looking to go into medicine to seek being a part of this program. I honestly believe that this is THE best medical program in the state of Indiana. It doesn’t’ just give a great learning environment and experience, but also a great personal experience on how it is that an idea is turned into a product or what it is like to come up with an idea that no one has thought of before. Also, the overall feel when someone is at this program is incredible. Everyone is so friendly and accepting, it’s basically a small family that’s made at this program.This program is like none other, and I really hope that it continues to change people’s lives as much as it has mine.
Victor Rodriguez – Carmel High School Senior Student, 2012-2013


I had a fantastic time at the YIQ camp. Not only did I meet unbelievable students who pushed me to think and grow, but also I learned about science and innovation in a new way. Whether I was participating in robotics, engineering, neurological, or musical activities, YIQ gave me a taste for many science fields.
The second week project was my favorite part of the camp because I learned what the process of inventing is like. I would have never been able to experience the innovation process or the many applications of science in school, so I am very glad that I participated in YIQ.
 Katelynn Kyker – Park Tudor Senior Student, 2012-2013